maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Demola Kick Off

It was been a week from the email which told us that we have been accepted in Demola Project Online Fitting Room when we had the first Kick Off meeting on 15.9.2015. 

When everyone finally found their way to New Factory office we got warm welcome and some information of Demola company from our new facilitators. Building and office are really impressive and atmosphere is totally different than usual office mood. It is youngish and trendy. Brick walls, big spacious room with lot of tables and cozy chairs and several old windows made the room very cool.  
Room was very full, I believe there was more than hundred people listening and waiting when we all get to meet our teams. 

Then after a while we were divided to our groups and they gave us a task. Task was to build a "tower" as high as we can with spaghetti. Only tool we got was tape. And of course there was a little twist: in top of that "tower" we needed to stick marshmallow through spaghetti so it needed to be strong enough to hold the candy.  

During building our tower we got to know our teams a bit too. Soon we learned that Jouni has fast brains and he made a quick sketch how we should tape our spaghettis together. Michael was maybe only one who understood Jouni's idea and he started to help him. We girls (Linda, Heini and Johanna) and Navid shared our amazed faces to each other every now and then and tried to keep up while boys were working. It was maybe better that we were spending time to getting to know us more (because when I tried to do something I managed only breaking spaghettis). We have a lot of different skills in our team and we all are excited about this project. It was also cool to have two exchange students in our team and good balance with boys and girls. 

There was an another very good reason too why it was better to let Michael and Jouni do the hard work. Our team WON! Our tower was 93 cm high and it was the highest!! WoopWoop! Now we are waiting to get this project started!

- Linda -

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