maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Meeting with Koutu Digital

We had our first meeting with the company we are working for this project on 16.9.2015. Meeting went really well and owner is really nice.
The company we are working for is called Koutu Digital. Owner Toni Koutu was easy to talk with and he gave us a freedom to use our ideas and imagination.

We also got more clear picture of our project and what we are expected to do. Here is what our project is a about:

The brief
The cameras in modern mobile phones or a portable devices are capable to do many tasks. One example of a useful, modern way for using a camera would be to take measures of a target person and help selecting the suitable clothes!

The background
Koutu Digital is a Start-up company specialized in digitalization and project management. Koutu Digital aims to draft new, potential products by using Demola projects as a tool for this. One interesting product domain would definitely be online shopping and using mobile camera for this purpose.

The problem
The goal of the project is to create an app for selecting clothes. This should be done by using a mobile camera or a portable devices (IOS, Android, Windows) and image-processing solution to turn the picture(s) into clothing measures and sizes. In between these two, probably a 3D picture would be needed. The project should start with a market survey, as there might already be some interesting solutions done – and the result of this project should be somewhat complementary.

More information:

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