torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015

JAM #2

Hi there!

Our Demola project in now halfway through and on last Saturday (7.11.) we had our Jam number 2.

Agenda for the day was interesting, including a lecture from Heini Ala-Vannesluoma, who is working in Gofore as a crew coach. The topic of the lecture was how we can get to know our customers and users better, and which questions we should ask to get more details about what people want and need.

This really opened our eyes and we realized that we hadn't paid that much of attention to the users and customers needs before. Now we have a clear plan how we start researching and collecting feedback.

After the lecture we were divided in groups by our school programs. There every group discussed the projects and solved problems if there were some. I was in a business group and I got very good points from the others and also ideas how we should move on. Like i posted last time, we are having little problems and this Jam really helped us. I guess these Demola people know by experience when we need a new motivation and ideas :)

We also had a Pitch practise. All of us made a big circle, where pairs were standing opposite to each other and we had one minute time to pitch our projects. It was a good exercise again, teaching how to tell the most important details about the project in a way, that the other person understands the idea easily.

After the day we had a group meeting where we shared our new ideas and discussed how we implement new information into our project.

Overall, the day was exciting and we definitely got new motivation to continue our work! :)

Till the next time!

- Linda -   

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