sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2015



It's been crazy rush few weeks and we have had couple of meetings during the weeks - some of them were good and some were not that good. I guess every team is having a crossroad - situation at some point during the project and we are facing it now.

We had a meeting with our partner Toni last week's Monday (26.10.) and after the meeting we noticed that our vision of this project differences a bit what Toni sees. Still meeting went good and Toni liked our ideas and gave us a lot of compliments. Later on Jouni sent him a video of our prototype and they had a phone discussion with Toni. Feedback were constructive and also positive. Toni is going to Slush event ( on next week and he is about to present the app there.

We had a next meeting with the team on 4th of November and where we discussed how we are going to continue the project - in which direction. We have a few problems and that many visions as there is a team members at the moment.  Meeting had somehow cleaning effect for our team. Everyone got to say their opinion and how they see this project.

Even this situation is quite frustrated it still is part of working in projects and I guess we are learning something from it - at least it's better to think positive!

- Linda -

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