lauantai 16. tammikuuta 2016

The final pitching


On thursday was time for one of the most important milestones of this project, the final pitching.
The pitching event was in two patches, each of them had 13 teams pitching n them. There was a jury of three people, two firm spokesmen and the head of Demola Tampere Ville Korpiluoto, commenting the pitches. It was really interesting to see what the other teams had been working on and what they had accomplished. Most of the pitches were really good, especially visually.

We had chosen Jouni from our team to give our pitch. He did a very good job in explaining the journey we had been on. He explained what had been the initial idea behind the project, how we then faced reality and the constraints of 3D-modelling and photo measurement and how we then came up with alternative ideas. He also presented our current "final product" which is the website where people can find the demo for our app and all the info about us and the project.

We got some pretty good feedback on our pitch. The main feedback was that we had clearly done our research and analysed our competition, which was true. We had then created a solution that's not "reinventing the wheel" and come up with a way to differentiate ourselves from the competition. The jury thought that our branding was good and that the idea was very usable.

We were really satisfied with our pitch and the feedback we got. Now there's only the final meeting left and then it's time to wrap up this project!


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