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Value Creation Workshop 1.10.

Hi all!

It's been awhile since last time but we are still working hard :)

We had a Value Creation Workshop on last week's Thursday and we got lot of new tricks from there. Agenda of the day was to learn how to have a good pitch. First we heard how and then we had to present one!

The facilitators gave us fifteen minutes to sketch our own pitch about our projects. Pitch model is quite simple: First hook the audience with a question they can answer, let them imagine a need for your product and let them see themselves using it. So sell the idea and close your pitch with an interest - either your interest of them by asking a question or ask them to come talk with you because you think your audience could help you to develop the product even better. Good ending could also be a suggestion to visit your website or blog site.
It really sounds simple, but how to do it in one minute?

So when the fifteen minutes was passed it was the Pitch time. We were total of 40 in workshop that day and everyone had to present their pitches individually in one minute - challenge accepted!

Almost everyone of our group was sitting in a front and we were almost first ones who had to go on the stage and pitch our Online Fitting Room - project in very short time. Our team did good and everyone was able to stay on time.  Speaking on microphone and standing front of 40 random people made it little more challenging not to forgetting the feedback that everyone got after their speech. All the time two persons in the audience had a either green or red shovel in their hands. Red shovel meant that you have to give constructive feedback and with the green one you gave positive feedback. Giving a feedback is also really hard, especially for people who you don't know that well, so that is a good thing to practise as well.

We also videotaped all of our speeches that we can follow our improvement. Maybe at some point we could have some material in our blog too - so stay tuned !

- Linda -

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