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WHO WE ARE? Part 3: Johanna

I’m a music enthusiast, a food lover and a third year marketing student at the University of Tampere. I’m really interested in the different types of social media and in how the opportunities they offer can be exploited in the business world. I can spend hours browsing through Pinterest or Instagram, especially when I’m dodging the school work I should really be doing.

I find myself to be quite creative and someone who gets excited very easily, but often the great ideas I have go on the rocks when I realize I really don’t have the skills to put them into practice. For example I can’t draw or photograph but still I often find myself in projects where I just assume I can. I’m though very eager to learn new things and to broaden my horizon.

In this project I’m concentrated on the business side of things. I really don’t have any technological expertise and can only sit and be amazed by the way our “tech department” is taking care of things. I, on the other hand, can offer customer insight and think what the customers really want, besides the core function of the product. I'm also responsible for the posts on this blog together with Linda.

I think this project is really interesting, and it tackles the problem also familiar to me. Buying clothes online offers many benefits, but there is always the uncertainty whether the clothes will fit or not. I’m also very excited to be part of the project; to work in a team and to get to work in practice since studying in a university is very theoretical. 

"The things we are passionate about are not random, they are our calling"

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