sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2015

Jam #1


On saturday the 3rd of October was time for our first Jam. We weren’t quite sure what to expect from the day, but we knew that the day was about workshops and getting some tools to proceed with our project. The day started with a breakfast so after that everyone was full of energy and ready for the day ahead.

The first subject was the ”löylykauha”. Ville told us about how every item or service can be divided  into attributes, values and into ”something in between”. We all had to pick an item from everyday life and apply the löylykauha concept into it. For example a teamug can have attributes such as its size, that it keeps the drink warm but isn’t too hot on the outside, and that it has a handle that is easy to get a grip on. These attributes can then be combined to concepts such as functionality and design. These then lead to the value that they provide such as comfort, quality of life, relaxtion or social value. After this we had to apply the same exercise for our own project.

The next task was shitty prototyping. We had about an half an hour to create a shitty prototype of our project. It is important to be able to summarize the idea of the project into something concrete that is then easy to present to everyone. We decided to leave the crafting and taping to others and built our prototype by drawing.

After this was time for the highlight of the day aka lunch. The food was so good!

After lunch we were divided into teams and it was time to play Sherlock Holmes for a while. We had to create a crime scene and a backstory and then solve the mystery on another team’s crime scene based on clues. The aim of this exercise was to understand the importance of story telling when trying to convince someone on something.

The last activity of the day was to create personas for the end-users of our product. We came up with four different personas who could possibly use our app and invented a backstories for them. We thought of the attributes and reasons why they would and wouldn’t use our product.

The day all in all was quite long but also quite fun. It was nice to be active, work in teams, use your creativity and get ideas flowing. We came up with a lot of stuff we can use later on in our project, for example the user personas and the ”löylykauha” of our project.

We are ready for the challenges ahead!


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