sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2015

Meeting on 21.10.

Hi all!

On Wednesday we had our traditional weekly meeting. On the previous week we hadn't had a meeting, so it had been two weeks since we had last seen each other. That's why we had a lot of catching up to do and eveyone was excited to see what the others had been up to.

Everyone gave presentations about the work they had done. Jouni had worked with InVision to create an interactive protoype for the UI of our app. We were all really impressed with the work he had done, the UI seemed clear and easy to use, and it included all the features we had talked about.

Navid had looked into the possibility of creating a wide database of different brands and their sizes and then using algorithms to find fitting clothes.  He had created a small database as an example, but had faced some problems and it seemed clear that creating a database like that isn't as simple as it might seem. Navid was though eager to look more into it.

Michal as our techncial genious had been creating the actual desktopp app for measuring from photos. It looked great and we were excited to get to test the app in practise. Also Heini had done some coding that could benefit us in our project.

Meanwhile Linda and I had been focusing on the more creative side of things and had been thinking about the visual look and design of the app.

After everyone had shared their work and thoughts we then had some discussions in pairs based on our areas of expertise. Me and Linda talked about the social features the app could have and sketched the layout of the user's profile page. Heini and Michal had a discussion about the coding, which I couldn't understand even if I tried, and Jouni and Navid talked about the project in general and how we want to proceed and organize things from now on. After this we discussed together and came to the conclusion that we also have to start thinking more about the business side of things, and for example think about the branding of our product.

All in all I think this was one of our best meetings and it feels like the pieces are starting to come together! We are meeting with our project partner on Monday, so we are eager to show our work to Toni and hear his thoughts.

Till next time!


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