sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2015

The Playbook meeting 5.10.

Hi guys!

On the monday after the first Jam we had our playbook meeting with our project partner Toni and facilitator Aino. We had filled up our playbook and returned it in beforehand.

In the meeting there were 20 questions about our project and our team, and each of us got to pick 4 or 5 of them and then answer them in turns. There were questions such as "What is your success criteria?" "What could prevent you from succeeding?" or "How do you communicate within the team?". It was nice that all of us got to answer the questions so you were able to see what everyones' thoughts were and if we were on the same page. Toni also commented and shared his thoughts on our answers.

After the questions Navid gave a short presentation about what we had been working on; the research we had done and how we had planned to move ahead. Toni was quite satisfied with our work and there were some specific ideas he thought were really good and interesting.

We then had a discussion about the general stage of the project. We discussed some of the obstacles and problems we had faced and how to overcome them. We also talked about what we should do next and what Toni excpects to see from us in the next meeting.

Since our project partner seemed satisfied with the direction we had taken we felt quite confident with our project and are eager to carry on!


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