torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

WHO WE ARE? Part 2: Jouni

Outside the box, finally.
The self entitled technical lead of the project. Jack of all trades and truly the master of nothing.
I tend to get excited about things fairly easily and can pour a lot of hours into them for a while, but it is also the reason why I don’t really have any long term hobbies except for “Hacking”, as I tend to jump into new interests very fast, when i’m learned enough about the thing I’m interested in. In a sense the online fitting room project fits me well, because it’s fairly fragmented and there’s no possibility to build something concise and complete, but rather gather a lot of intel on the subject and try arrange and document it into something simple and descriptive.
I build and make a lot of things, but never really finish anything or the result is not very refined, it just needs to work. Putting attention into the details doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as learning completely new stuff. I guess that’s also the reason why I have started in two universities after my graduation as a automation engineer, doing the same things over and over again is just not satisfying for me and generally all jobs consist of just that.
I study computer sciences in the University of Tampere and I’m mostly interested in user experience design. My application to the Human-Technology interaction masters program was just accepted and all the course descriptions seem very, very interesting, so I guess this is my "thing”.
I have worked in technical documentation and spare parts management for some years now and previously I was a commissioning engineer working abroad, in Eastern Europe, Middle East and South America.

And since this is the internet: I have cats!

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