lauantai 10. lokakuuta 2015

Team Meeting 1.10. - Brainstorming

Hi again!

We had a team meeting after a Value Creation workshop and now we one step ahead again!

Our team has a Facebook group and we are posting actively there our ideas, website links and some demos.  We thought that it would be easier for us if everyone would make a short presentation where to tell own ideas and vision what kind of our ready app would look and be like.

Everyone had many many ideas and we collected all together. Now we have visions of what features we want to have on this app. We will keep our secrets safe still a while :) After few weeks I'm sure we have already something to show you!

After a meeting it felt like that we are on the right track! Our great project manager Navid promised to make a PowerPoint presentation for a next meeting with Toni Koutu.

We also decided to have weekly meetings in every Wednesday at 16:00 in New Factory. Everyone has so full calendars so it got really frustrating to try to find a suitable days and times for all.
... And now you know where to find us, if you want to come check it out what we are working on at the moment! We also would like to hear your ideas if you got some :)

Till the next time!

- Linda -

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